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Ever wondered how certain fabrics get their various shades- like the stone washed look on your denim! Or how some fabrics are as soft as feathers, it’s the synergetic combination of eco-friendly chemicals and processing technology.

The stonewashed effect was initially attained by washing denim with pumice stone. In such a process, the lack of abrasion control, damage to the fabric and on the washing machines is considerable. The same effects can now be achieved using enzymes and a combination of abrasive material. Also, the same garments can now be softened with a wide range of softeners as per desired hand feel.

Vijol has many years of experience in promoting enzyme products for a global market. We offer a complete range of enzyme products for applications such as Desizing, Biopolishing, Denim processing. We cater to many reputed garment manufacturers who are vendors for leading labels in the fashion/ apparel industry.

We also customize products for our end users for the best economics!

For the best fabric care solutions- Vijol delivers the best results!

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